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Exclusively chosen real estate and mortgage professionals use Deluxe Realty Marketing to accelerate the growth of their business using our award-winning marketing strategy.

“Through hard work, creativity, innovation, and a dedication to mastering critical technology, Deluxe Realty Marketing developed a system that is game-changer in the real estate and mortgage industry.


“Many companies and professionals in these industries have benefited enormously by working with Deluxe Realty Marketing.”

“Deluxe Realty Marketing has helped thousands of people connect with a mortgage & real estate professional and purchase a home. They have now contributed to over $1.7B in real estate sales”

“Deluxe Realty Marketing is one of the most admired companies in the real estate & mortgage industry.”

"If you're a real estate agent who wants to double or triple their business, Deluxe Realty Marketing is the top agency to be with. They will fill your pipeline with leads and appointments, more than you can handle."
Kevin O'Leary

Shark Tank Star & Real Estate Investor
“Deluxe Realty Marketing is the best lead source that I have used in my career. The extra step that they add with qualifying clients and leads who call in is essential to making sure my time is well spent.”
Chris Maynard

Burlington Real Estate Agent
Deluxe Realty Marketing has surpassed my expectations. During COVID-19, Yaman and Joe's system generated me 75 leads and 11 appointments. Very happy with my results as my business continues to expand. A big thank you!
Michelle Heron

Mississauga Real Estate Agent
"We have been working with Deluxe Realty Marketing and we are extremely impressed with their service and performance. They have delivered on everything that was promised to us and the ISA is very detailed and prompt! Not only do they provide great lead generation and appointment setting service, they also customize their services to meet our business format and needs. We highly recommend Deluxe Realty Marketing to anyone looking for qualified leads and appointments.
Franco Maione

Edmonton, AB
"I run one of the top teams for Re/Max in Calgary - these guys are game changers for me. Why I love them the most is cause I tried over 15 lead gen companies and none of them have worked. These guys are setting me in home appointments for listing appointments - those are 2 ends baby. I get a seller and a buyer. I've used these guys for 6 months and will never use another lead gen company again."
Brad Van De Walle

Calgary, AB
"Deluxe Realty Marketing truly delivers what they advertise. The team was extremely responsive and communicated with me throughout the campaign. I generated several buyer leads from their services. Now, although they provide you with booked appointments and warm connections you still, as the agent, have to work the leads. Many of the leads aren’t immediately in the market and it will take time to qualify them and get them into a property. Very good job by all. The best thing is their service has helped free up my time to attend to other tasks. I have peace of mind knowing that they are marketing on my behalf and pre-screening my leads. Well done!"
Adam Jacobini

Wyomissing, PA
"Deluxe Realty Marketing does an excellent job automating my lead generation through quick contact and their ability to qualify and gather information on each lead. Saves me 2-3 hours a day of prospecting on my own. The customer service team is quick to reply, thorough and super helpful. They paired me up with a great assistant who's incredibly kind and does an excellent job with consistently touching base with leads coming in. Would definitely recommend it for those looking to automate and get out there and do what realtors actually do... which is sell!"
Paul Stavropoulos

Toronto, ON
I’ve been using Deluxe Realty Marketing for 3 months now and I’m absolutely amazed of all the quality appointments they booked with buyers and sellers for me from the very first week. They leverage my work and save me lots of time. I definitely recommend it for every realtor who is looking to double and triple size of their business. Great team work and very simple to deal with. For me it’s a long term partnership!
Keven Trudel

Toronto Real Estate Agent
"I'm a New York City real estate agent - Deluxe Realty Marketing is an awesome company that generated leads and book appointments for realtors. I know how important it is to have these leads generated for me and appointments booked. Check them out!
Eric Goldie

New York City, NY
I have worked with a lot of different systems and have found each one lacking. I finally found Deluxe Realty Marketing and can finally rely on a great system, and people who respond to what my business needs. This is a great group to work with, and I would highly recommend them to any serious Real Estate professional.
Divisha Sawlani

Weston, FL
"If I could give Deluxe 10 stars I would. They have been nothing short of spectacular. Leads are constant and plentiful. Service is TOP NOTCH. Their knowledge and approach to clients is amazing. I would strongly recommend their service, you will not be disappointed!
Sasa Livancic

Edmonton, AB
I have been working with Deluxe Realty Marketing for the last few months and I love the constant number of leads I have been receiving with them. This has been saving me so much time not having to do cold calls and door knocking. The team is extremely responsive and friendly to deal with. I am definitely looking for a long term partnership with Deluxe Realty Marketing!
Rafi Habibzadah

London, ON
"I have started to work with Deluxe Realty Marketing for my leads for one month now and everything is amazing i am very happy. They do an excellent work very professional and they follow up. CRM is very efficient i have closed one deal and i have many to close soon. I recommend them highly and I continue to work with them for my business leads."
Nadia Salmi

Montreal, QC
"I do the marketing for my wife and we selected Deluxe over a few other options. It has been a pleasant experience for the last couple of months and having qualified leads verses cold leads is a game changer! The CRM they have is easy to use and is explained well"
Josh Kilper-Smith

Sacremento, CA
I started using deluxe realty marketing in January. Using their templates and CRM for managing leads. I’ve closed my first deal in February and have a lot on the go to purchase. I’ll continue using their services because they do what they say and are getting leads in the door. Thank you!
Tyler Stiller

St. Albert, ON
"I recently started working with Deluxe Realty Marketing and have been very happy with the results. Their program is far better than anything I have tried in the past. I would highly recommend their services."
Shilpa Kuchhal

Greater Toronto Area
“The best decision I’ve ever made was join Deluxe Realty marketing. I received 24 appointments within the first month of joining. I am very close to closing two buyer deals already, even though this is a tough time for the real estate market. I am looking to work long term with Deluxe Realty Marketing. I am very impressed with their service and I would strongly recommend hiring them.”
Harnek A.

Edmonton, AB
"Deluxe Realty Marketing is by far the highest quality and most cost-effective system I've used to grow my business."
Jonathan Scott

St. Catharines Real Estate Agent
"Highly recommend these guys!!!!"
Geoff Hays

Kelowna, BC
"Highly recommended for those seeking marketing service that exceeds expectations."
Daniel Passero

Niagara Real Estate Agent

In the first 2 weeks of working with Deluxe Realty Marketing, I got a home listing as well as 9 more appointments. I’m very glad I decided to work with Yaman and Joe, I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Pam Tsiropoulos, Real Estate Agent

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